Reece Hobbins - original artwork - Hornet's Nest

Hornet’s Nest. 2012. Ink on paper. 11×14″
Wearing Julius down

Wear. We destroy the things we love by constantly interacting with them until they break down. In fashion, and we’ve been led to believe that luxury is fragile. Your new sweater cost $1000? Ya, information pills I better be careful with it and wear it as little as possible. This is the image that fashion media often portrays. We’re constantly bombarded with style content of streeter pics and anal retentive wardrobe curation. In nearly every case it’s a fashion celebrity wearing brand new garments, which the tags are probably still attached so they can make a return later that day. The authenticity of this content could not be more disappointing. The whole point of street photography is to capture clothing being worn, not showroomed.

I’ve had these Julius boots for almost 3 years now and their destruction has added to their of beauty. I don’t wear them everyday, but I’ve never shied away from wearing them under shitty weather conditions or dirty environments. Julius makes a strong, heavy boot and black reverse calf leather not only ages extremely well, but their scuffs and marks look natural with the texture of the leather. They’ve been Vibram’d twice, insoles replaced, and the lining has been patched in several places. Recently a friend said, “I’m not sure if they are old biker boots or fashionably new and they’re suppose to look like that.”

It’s comforting to see someone wearing something that you’ve seen them rocking before. Call it a touch of reality through ownership or the attachment of a style to a person through repetition. Either way, embracing the wear & tear of the things you love is what craftsmanship should be all about. Not closet archiving or worn for a single photo.

October 15, 2012 Fashion

A close up from a recent work in progress.

I’m a Rick Owens fanboy. It’s true. If you know me or have met me, sildenafil chances are it’s all I’m wearing. Everyday. This wasn’t a lottery winning situation where I fell into some cash, pills walked into a store and did some big dick swinging. It’s something that has been built up, ever since FW08 dropped. Over time you find an aesthetic that not only summarises your interests beautifully, but also fits your body shape and for me that has been Rick.

Over the last couple months, I’ve been contemplating the decision to slim down my wardrobe to being only Rick Owens, Julius and Carol Christian Poell. Rick for 80% of what I wear, Julius for the slim/cut look and well, you can never sell your CCP unless your really need the cash. Is this an easy thing to accomplish? For guys, definitely. Especially when you look at how little these labels have changed over the years. You can wear 5 year old Rick with the current season and you wouldn’t even notice. For women, that’s almost impossible. I’m just cleaning my closet of all the brands I’m not wearing that often. Most of it is stuff that aesthetically I appreciate, but my body shape does not do it justice like it would a 140lb skinny kid.

How long will I be able to do this for? I really can’t say. Some may say it’s easy because you do less shopping, but I believe it’s actually harder to resist the temptation of buying other brands, that you have just as much appreciation for. I’ll probably keep this up until it stops fitting my age. Thankfully, Rick is 50+ and looks great rocking his shit.

September 23, 2012 Fashion

I’ve started to put original artwork up on Etsy. Check it out here:

I haven’t posted anything fashion related for a long time so here are some texture shots of today’s outfit. All Rick, link lamb leather-satin, double cotton knit, wool, lamb leather.

August 4, 2011 Fashion

I don’t update the site very often, order but that doesn’t mean I’m dead. You can view my daily Instagram posts here:

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November 5, 2010 Art, Fashion, Ink, Products

I think it’s quite obvious this is my LW collection:

October 18, 2010 Art, Fashion, Music, Products, Random, Trends

Rick Owens had his first menswear runway show today in Paris. He has definitely upped his tailoring for f/w 09/10 and brought the pain as usual with his amazing leathers. I’m not feeling the boots and most of the layered tops/pants were overshadowed by the killer outwear, there disease so for now I’m just planning to kop one of these sick jackets. Call me goth/ninja’d.

Rick Owens mens f/w 09/10
Rick Owens mens f/w 09/10

January 24, 2009 Fashion

homeless yohji

This reminds me of when I once asked this stranger on the street if his cdiems were from the f/w06 collection and he just mumbled something and fell back asleep on his cardboard.

January 16, 2009 Fashion

I’d rock all 3 of these but i don’t think I’d pay over 700 for worn out cycle boots with a knit lining, cialis sale disease even if I did have that kind of coin to drop.

June 2, 2008 Fashion


Bjork and Mia Halmesmaa? damn.

December 21, 2007 Fashion

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